Productivity from a different view

Productivity from a different view

Whether you are a freelancer or you work in company, you know how important is to be productive and use your time in most effective way. The importance of productivity was always current topic, and lately, seems like it became the main gear wheel in our everyday striving of goals.

Then we talk about focus, ”the hidden driver of excellence”, as Daniel Goleman called it. We all know how difficult is to focus on your project when you have other tasks to do, when you need more time, when you colleagues ask for your help or your manager needs additional report.

There are various business productivity tools. But there is one unrivaled tool, determined more like a way, a method you can adopt and apply it in your day-to-day work. Todd Dewett, an author, speaker and leadership expert, defined Einstein window as ”time of day when your mental ability peaks”. It is a two to four hours of a day when you solve problems very easy, almost like you’re having fun. According to Dewett, during this time, you should do tasks and projects of the highest value, your top priority. Also, you have to protect your Einstein window by saying ”no” instead ”yes” to other people, turn off your smartphone, don’t check your email. In one word, it is the time you should protect yourself from any distraction, focus on your work and try to extract the most of yourself, relevant for the project you’re working on.

Your most productive time

With your morning work routine (analysing tasks, setting priorities, scheduling meetings), finding your most productive time of a day will contribute to better business, and better business… you know what that means – more satisfied customers and more money.

Higher productivity will give you strength and you will have the big picture of your completed work. Maybe you’ll need time to recognize your best time of a day, but once you did it, you’ve opened a new window to your creativity, productivity and motivation, too.

Motivation by getting things done

Being motivated and inspired by getting things done, you will find your working hours as time for challenges that keeps you move forward to new fulfillment of yourself. Test it. If nothing else, maybe you’ll find out the things that distract you and you will know what to change to be more productive. Change is a cure for things that don’t work the way you want. Try something new today and raise your productivity to a higher level. Your mission and vision will be grateful.

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