About blog

About blog


If you’re looking for NEW INSPIRATION to start your day,

If you need a place to rest your thoughts,

If you want different shelter to spend your free time,


I’m Tijana and I will share with you my inspiration, ideas for better and happier life, and I’ll try to give you the most of my experience through blog posts – all that in order to make your day more beautiful.

As inspirational action, idea about this blog was born from my first instinct –
to create something from nothing and share it with people. 
In that kind of creation lies my strength, and by spreading it further,
it makes me happy.

In submenu Inspiration for day there are short inspirational stories. Within Inspirational mottos I will share with you my own inspirational thoughts, came out from my artistic creation and contemplation.
Art is reserved for stories about my lifestyle – I am a writer, a singer and a composer. So here you will find out more about my art, my music and music that inspires me and enriches my everyday life.
In the part Services, I’m sure you will find something I can help you with.

I hope I will encourage you to create new, wonderful things and positive life stories.

Thanks for being here.